Friday, January 9, 2015

We are Guest Innovations

guest innovations
From the time we started down the road of creating restaurant solutions, our primary goal has been  "Helping Restaurants Focus On What Matters – Their Guests". With this in mind, we officially changed our company name to Guest Innovations on January 1st.
Our founder and CEO, Paul Katsch, a former restaurateur, knows the concerns of working in a vibrant yet sometimes tough industry. That's why he set out to make products that would make life easier for restaurant owners and employees so that they could put greater focus on the guest experience.
In keeping with our goal, we wish to be seen as a partner – helping restaurants to long term success – instead of just another vendor.
We started out with our first product, Dinnerwire in 2013.  Dinnerwire is a website and a smartphone app for the consumer to search for restaurants and then add photos, ratings, and reviews of the restaurants. Every restaurant has their own profile page which they can claim ownership of and edit as they please.
We then launched RezkuRezku is a product for restaurants to better run their front-of-house operations. It also happens to include an online reservation system.  Restaurants can put reservation widgets on their webpage, Facebook page, and on their Dinnerwire profile page.
Rezku is much more than reservations, though. In fact, a third of our clients don't even use the online reservation function. For many it is our super simple, touchscreen enabled software that is making their restaurants run much more smoothly. When you have an efficient system, it means less assistance that staff will require from managers. Managers then have more time to focus attention on guests.
Dinnerwire and Rezku are only the beginning. In the next few weeks we will be announcing and launching several more products – all designed to make running the restaurant efficiently so that more attention can be placed on creating the best guest experience possible.  In keeping with our focus of helping restaurants, some of our new products will be offered to restaurants at little or no charge. We want you to see us as a trusted ally, a true partner, in helping you become more successful.
Twitter: @GuestInnovation
Presented by Guest Innovations. Be sure to check out our affordable hospitality products RezkuWaitkuSendku, and Dinnerwire.

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