Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We want to partner with our restaurant clients

In the life of every restaurant there is an ever constant stream of vendors and bills — linens, produce, printers, utilities, POS systems, websites, and more. Most of these people who interact with you behind the scenes are just vendors. Once a purchase is complete, they send you a bill, expect payment, and move on to their next sale.
But who are the partners to your business? Which vendors are the ones who will work with you to help your business grow and become successful? Partners more than understand the customer’s needs, they anticipate them. They help customers see the future faster, and in a new and different way. A partner will continually strive to add greater value to their solution so that by partnering with them you  will also achieve continuous improvement. This is one of the greatest payoffs of partnerships:  the solution provided continues to get better. The end result? Customer loyalty is extremely high among partners.
A great example in recent years are the partner relationships between farmers and chefs. With the ever increasing popularity of farm to table meals, chefs focus on what produce is currently in season and build their menus around that. Farmers and chefs create a dialogue and work together so that the restaurant has the best dishes to offer while creating a constant order stream for the farmer.
Susan Hanks, farmer/owner of Hanks Hens & All Things Good, makes a point to ask Sacramento chefs prior to planting what they would like in their kitchens a few months down the line. She also offers suggestions on unusual herbs or vegetables, such as cardoons, to see if the chefs would like to be creative and try something new. By carefully planning out her planting and harvesting season, she's able to spread out her income from the restaurants through the year's slow seasons.
This type of collaborative partnership with restaurants is what we at Guest Innovations aspire to. It is our goal to become a partner with restaurants to help them improve guest relations by streamlining other tasks that divert attention. We strive to anticipate requests or make improvements before our clients even realize it was something they could use to improve service.

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