Saturday, June 20, 2015

Selecting restaurant technology

Last month, in our post "", we talked about the two types of questions you need to consider when purchasing restaurant technology.  The two segments were: questions to ask about your restaurant's needs and the questions to ask about the tech companies you are researching.
"" discussed the first set of questions — asking questions about your restaurant and the needs you are trying to fulfill. In this post we'll look into the second set of questions — what you should be looking for in a technology company.
How good is the technology?
We all know that technology is ever changing. Hardware needs to be upgraded to keep up with speed and capacity. Software coding and styles change on a monthly, if not daily, basis.  Webpages get flashier and slicker to catch our ever diminishing attention spans.
When looking at the technology that is being sold to you, do you feel it's fresh and new or does it seem outdated?  In some cases you don't even need to get to the technology if the company's website seems out of date.  If the website design seems stale, that's a good marker of whether the product they are selling is cutting edge or not as well.
The other piece is usability or ease of use. After all, not everyone is tech savvy. You want technology that is easy and requires the least amount of training. In the restaurant industry, where employee turnover is constant and often frequent, you don't need complicated training every time a new employee is hired. Is the technology intuitive? Will employees be able to figure it out with minimal instruction?
How flexible is the system?
Every restaurant runs differently. For those who have worked in multiple restaurants over the course of their careers, they have come across numerous ways to do the same tasks because each employer had their own way. Is the technology you are looking at flexible enough to be changed according to how your restaurant operates? Can it be customized to handle situations that are common in restaurants, but might be uniquely handled by yours? No system can be completely flexible to handle every situation, but a good system is familiar with the most common tasks and flexible enough to customize.
How good/responsive is the customer service?
There are always those times where you need tech support, whether it's a simple how-to question or an emergency situation. The last thing anyone wants is to be holding a phone to their ear in frustration. How many avenues for tech support does the company have? Only email and phone?
A responsive company will also have online chat. The beauty of online chat is that when you are a business dealing with guests face-to-face, you can have a conversation with tech support without the guests ever knowing.
Another good tech support feature is if they can access your computer remotely in order to diagnose problems. Remote access allows the tech support person to be able to see your screen live, watch what you are doing, fix things, and, if necessary, even show/train you while you are online together.
At Guest Innovations we are proud to say that we answer all of the above questions favorably. Check out our product websites (below) and you can see how advanced our products are and read testimonials on how easy they are to learn and use and how our tech support is second to none.

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