Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bundling Solutions Saves Money

Over the last few years Guest Innovations has been driven to create products with two goals in mind: to be a partner with restaurants rather than a vendor and to provide as many restaurant tools under one umbrella at cost saving prices. 

How are we able to do this? In two ways. First, we build the most advanced software tools available. You'll find our products to be well thought out, well designed, and user friendly. Second, we are able to offer you bundles of products where you can get our different software deeply discounted or even free, depending on your product selections.

Our newest offering is a biggie, especially if you bundle it with our other products. We now offer very competitive credit card processing fees. What percent of each check paid by credit card are you forking over to the bank? Wouldn't you like to get back a piece of that fee? After all, with the amount being charged to credit cards, it could be a considerable amount month after month, year after year. Enough for you to use that money elsewhere in your business. Let us bid for your credit card business and see if we can beat your current rate.

Now bundle that with some of our software. How about getting our FOH/reservation software at a huge discount, maybe even free? Think about that. Saving money on your credit card fees AND paying next to nothing for a state-of-the-art FOH/reservation system. If you are paying several hundred or thousands of dollars a month on your reservation system, wouldn't you like to keep that money as well?

Here's a list of our products that can restaurants can get separately or bundled to save thousands of dollars a year:

Credit card service fees - Let us bid on your credit card business and see if we can beat what you currently pay. Keep more of each check for yourself! Just send us a statement and we'll check to see if we can offer a better deal. 

Rezku Prime - Our top of the line FOH/reservation system normally is $149 per month flat! No cover fees. Our Prime system is meant for large and/or very busy restaurants that take reservations and need the many advanced features not found in other FOH systems.

Rezku Tablet - Our iPad version is meant for smaller restaurants. It goes for either free or $49 per month depending on service level. This version of our Rezku system handles the most important FOH/reservation features.

Waitku - Our iPad version for restaurants that do not offer reservations. All the FOH features of Rezku but for walk-ins/waitlist only.

Sendku - Our email campaign service is designed specifically for restaurants and offers you the ability to send email newsletters, surveys, and special offers at as much as 40% lower than other email services. Use our extensive library of restaurant themed graphics and templates or upload your own. Sendku is designed for multi-location restaurant groups as well as individual restaurants.

Rezku app - Our free smartphone app for your guests. The Rezku app searches ALL restaurants in your city, but our client restaurants rise to the top of the list. The app allows guests to make reservations at our client restaurants as well as to see a countdown clock of their wait time if you put them on a waitlist.

Rezku Pay - Essentially the restaurant's side of the Rezku app, it allows you to set up your restaurant to have guests pay-by-phone. Using beacon technology, the app recognizes that the guest has arrived, coordinates with the POS system regarding the order, and allows the guest to get up and leave, having paid the bill via the smartphone app. (Not yet available.)

Call us and find out why our customers say such things as...

'Outstanding. Exceptional. Brilliant. These are just 3 of many thoughts that quickly pop into my mind when I think of Rezku and the customer service that they provide us with. Initially, we switched to Rezku to save money; the bills from our previous reservation & table management system (OpenTable) kept increasing month after month as our customer traffic increased. With Rezku we were expecting a decrease in cost and, consequently, a decrease in overall functionality. Wow, were we wrong – the Rezku platform is so much more robust and user friendly. We finally feel that we are realizing our full financial potential by keeping all of our seats filled, and turning tables at rates we never dreamed possible.'

Vic Granowicz
Owner – Circles Waterfront Restaurant
Tampa, Florida

Contact us at 844-697-3958 to find out the best products and prices for your restaurant(s).

Presented by Guest Innovations. Be sure to check out our affordable hospitality products RezkuWaitkuSendkuRezkuPrime, and RezkuTablet.

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