Friday, March 18, 2016

Make your Facebook reservation widget prominent

Many restaurants know that Facebook is a major part of marketing in today's social media world. Posting drool-worthy pictures and announcing specials, discounts, or events are what help to bring customers in. Now add the convenience of being able to make reservations from Facebook. 

Many reservation systems have the capability of adding a reservation widget to Facebook pages. Both Rezku Prime and Rezku Tablet included. The key is that the widget be visible, obvious, instead of being buried under the "More" tab on the page.

Make the Reservation tab prominent

After you have connected your reservation widget to Facebook through the service's interface, you will either see the 'Make a Reservation' tab immediately at the top of your Facebook page or you will have to click on the 'More' tab to find it.  To make it a prominent tab, do the following:

  • Click the More tab.
  • Click on Manage Tabs.
  • Click on Make a Reservation and pull it up toward the top of your tab list to where you want it.
  • Be sure to click Save.

Create a 'Book Now' button

You can also create a 'Book Now' button that appears in your cover image. Here's how to do that:
  • Click on Create a Call to Action.
  • Under Choose a Button, select the Book Now button.
  • Under Website, enter the URL link to the reservation site/page.  It's best to directly link to a reservation URL versus your restaurant's website. 
  • Click Create to save.
Now let all your regulars and fans know that they can book directly from Facebook.

The great thing about Rezku Prime and Rezku Tablet is that the reservation will be marked as "Reserved via Facebook".  This data is captured and can later be reviewed in your analytics — compare reservations via website, Facebook, the Rezku smartphone app, or by call-in.

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