Friday, April 22, 2016

Custom color coding your FOH system

Color coding has always been one of the best ways to organize. It might be just colored file folders or labels in an office or colored wires for electrical. For restaurants, color coding is crucial to a useful FOH management system. Even better is when a system can be customized to fit your needs. 

Color coding works because humans are visual. Once a color code system has been memorized, its meanings are instantly accessible by the brain without thought. While driving, we instantly know red = stop, green = go instinctively.

That's why color coding works so well for FOH systems. At a glance a person can look at a screen and instantly know what's happening in a 2000 square foot restaurant without having to walk around. 

Many systems have color coding as it is pretty standard in the business. The difference is whether they are able to let you customize. With both Rezku Prime you can add custom codes that work for your restaurant.

One client has a status that is specific to them alone. "Silver" means that not only has a table been cleared, but it's been prepped with silverware. They were able to create a specific color code to identify those tables.

Other restaurants create reservation statuses such as Bar, indicating the guest is waiting at the bar, or Late, to show the party is running late. Under Waitlist they might have green to indicate the party wants to be seated outside, or pink to show Call Ahead.

The key is to make a system work for you through customization. No systems offer more customization than Rezku Prime.

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