Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who owns your email list?

How does your restaurant collect customer emails? Many restaurants use their FOH/reservation system to not only take care of their reservations, but also to collect customer data and emails. What many restaurants don't realize is the contract Terms of Use/Privacy Policy language pertaining to who owns or can use your guests' emails. 

While the operation of a system is important, so is understanding what is happening to the data that is collected. Who owns it? Your restaurant or the FOH software company? If the software company has rights to it, what are they doing with it? 

This then begs the question - how do you feel you should be treating your guests, even outside the restaurant? In this day of heightened concerns on privacy and data security, one must consider the protection of guests.

There's the old saying of "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." One company gives their system away for free, which makes one wonder - how can they stay in business? When you look at the fine print of their Terms of Use it is because they are are able to sell the data gathered to other parties. They are making their money not from you, but from selling your guests' data. 

Once you do work with a company, pay attention to what they are emailing to customers. One company's Privacy Policy says that they gather the guests' data and preferences and use that to recommend other restaurants. Essentially they are emailing guests suggesting competitor restaurants instead of encouraging guests to return to your restaurant.

So many times we click through the legalese because there is too much to read through. Other times we are concerned with ourselves more so than our guests. Think of yourself as a guest and how you would feel about how your email is used and then consider your guests. 

When a restaurant uses Guest Innovations' products, their email list is their property and is not shared with any third parties. Competitor restaurants are not promoted to your customers. The only time we email your customers is to encourage them to download our smartphone apps so they can make reservations at our client restaurants easier. At Guest Innovations, we value your guests' privacy.

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