Thursday, May 12, 2016

The problem with pay-by-phone integration for restaurants

Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have become so successful that they have become the "Chipotle" of smartphone apps. Just like restaurant concepts have tried to be the next Chipotle success story, pay-by-phone apps have all striven to be the next Uber-esque success. Paying for a service, whether it's rides, food delivery, or even dog sitting, by phone.

In the restaurant space, there are plenty of apps clamoring to be the answer for pay-by-phone. There's a big problem that the industry is running into — integration with so many restaurant software systems. 

As restaurants are well aware of, there are multiple systems involved in just the front of house alone. Every restaurant has a Point of Sale system, a credit card processing company, and many have some sort of FOH management/reservation system. Now multiply each of those by multiple players. Just among the POS players there are over a dozen.

Now enters another flood of software companies — new startups offering pay-by-phone. These new apps need to integrate with POS systems. After all, a person is paying for their order. 

And that's the problem. What every app runs into is trying to not only integrate with all the systems, but convince the restaurants that they are the solution that does so the best.

That's why Guest Innovations has taken a new approach. Our goal is to be that end-to-end provider that takes care of all your FOH software solutions:  POS, FOH, credit card processing, reservations, even email campaigns.

The key is that in the past all the other companies have focused on one system. They try to be the best at one thing. The problem arises when you try to get all of the systems from different companies to work together. The solution is for one company to create all the systems so they will work together. 

Contact us at Guest Innovations. We'll show you our FOH/reservation/waitlist systems (Waitku,  Rezku Prime, and Rezku Tablet), our email campaign service (Sendku), pay-at-table app (Rezku Pay), and our new POS system (Rezku POS). 

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