Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Priority seating and your waitlist

Reservations and waitlist are easy enough concepts for restaurant patrons to understand. Either you make a reservation for a table to be ready at a certain time or you go and put your name on a list and sit around and wait for a table to become available. Pretty straight forward.

Where the confusion comes in is when restaurants have a "
Priority seating" policy and how it works. Especially since there does not seem to be a common set of rules that all restaurants use.

Priority Seating just means you call to put your name on the waitlist. You call when you are about to leave for the restaurant and tell them you will be there in 20 minutes, please put your name down on the waitlist. It does not mean the table will be ready for you, it just means you will spend less time sitting in the waiting area because your name will already have saved your place in line for you.

Several situations could take place. For instance, you call and say you will be there in 20 minutes, but the current waitlist estimate at the restaurant is 45 minutes. That means you just have to sit in the waiting area for approximately 25 minutes instead of the full 45.

Or you could say you'll be there in 10 minutes and there is an accident, so it actually takes you 30 minutes to arrive. Your name might now be at the top of the list, but the host keeps seating other parties until you arrive and then you get the next table that comes available.

waitku times

Regardless of the situation, Rezku can be used for both waitlist and p
riority seating. Rezku has several features that work well with priority seating seating. First is the ability to select the wait time estimate (above). Second is the timer on their name showing where they are on their estimated time. Third is the ability to color code the Priority Seating names so they are easier to track. Lastly is the ability to send time stamped text messages that notify that the table is available.

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