Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live in a Restaurant

Facebook Live is a powerful new social media avenue that restaurants need to consider using. Facebook Live allows you to air a live broadcast. What immediately comes to mind is, "Why would someone want to watch my restaurant?" The answer is that there are many creative ways to do a live broadcast and engage your customers.

It's live! So be careful what you say and show. You have no time delay like live television has. If you curse, it's out there.

You get IMMEDIATE feedback! While you are streaming your viewers can give you feedback immediately via two methods. The first is to ♥♥ you. During the broadcast they can send you hearts. The more hearts, the more they like what you are doing. The second way is by texting you. Viewers can send you texts within the broadcast. This means you have to pay attention to your feed so that you can answer questions or say "hello" to people who join in. 

Equipment. Two pieces of equipment (besides your smartphone or tablet) are highly recommended: a tripod and a microphone. The tripod means a stable vs shaky picture. The microphone ensures good sound quality, especially if your subject is far from the camera. 


Now that you understand the basics, what are some engaging ways to use 
Facebook Live in a restaurant?

Film your bartender - Have a regular broadcast with your bartender making a signature cocktail or explaining basic techniques or ingredients.

Film your chef - Your chef can prepare a seasonal special or show a particular cooking technique. They can also discuss ingredients — where they are sourced from, how to prepare, etc. 

Special events - Are you having a speaker or a band? Or perhaps you have a special event that you just want to live-feed. Special events lend themselves perfectly to broadcasting.

Out and about - Some restaurant groups take staff or send a purchaser out into the field to check out suppliers. Going on a farm visit? Or how about a trip to the fish or farmers market? These are great opportunities to show some of your daily routine and how it affects what the customers will be seeing on their plates.

Just stream for atmosphere.  There are some restaurants that stream live all the time. Mount the camera above the bar or in a spot that gets a good expansive view and let viewers see what's going on throughout the day.

Facebook Live has become quite popular because it is easy to use and you already have an audience of your Facebook subscribers without having to start fresh. With millennials actively engaged with the ever changing world of social media, Facebook Live is an avenue that can be used for creative, engaging content. 

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